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National Foot Health Awareness Month

April is National Foot Health Awareness Month and is great opportunity to inform people about how to protect themselves. The average person takes 10,000 steps a day which adds up to more than three million steps per year. With so many miles being put on your feet daily, it is important to take care of your feet. That includes wearing the right shoes, using orthotics, and wearing the proper socks for certain activities. Wearing the proper shoes is important to preventing injuries to athletes and anybody who is walking for most of the day.

Most Susceptible to Foot Problems

The people who are likeliest to have foot pain include people with flat feet, seniors, athletes, people who work standing up all day, and those who are overweight. Wearing the wrong shoes increases your chances of foot pain. Now more than ever, people are choosing fashion for their shoes instead of choosing shoes that fit right.

Selecting the Right Shoe

The most important thing in deciding what shoes to wear is support. You are most likely going to be spending most of your day on your feet and should be comfortable. If your feet are unsupported in a shoe, foot, ankle, and lower back pain is likely to follow. When shopping for shoes, you should look for something that has room in the toe box but won’t let your feet slide forward. Be sure to have your feet measured by somebody where you are buying shoes from. Try to select a shoe that has a firm midsole, stiff heel counter, and the right amount of cushion and flexibility for your feet.

Injury Prevention

While injuries aren’t entirely preventable, here are some tips to help reduce and prevent foot pain:

  • Stretching – The most important thing to do to help reduce foot pain is to stretch your foot and ankle regularly.

  • Avoid going barefoot, be sure to always wear proper-fitting shoes to prevent athlete’s foot and burning.

  • Cut your toenails regularly to avoid ingrown toenails, which are extremely painful.

  • Avoid wearing high heels and any shoe that lacks the proper support for your feet.

  • Wear custom orthotics in your shoes to reduce stress and strain on your body by properly aligning your foot arch.

National Foot Health Awareness Month draws attention to foot health and healthier living. Your feet are responsible for balancing 98% of your body which is why it is important to keep your feet aligned so your weight is evenly distributed. When your body is in balance, your joints and bones are less stressed, which reduces the risk of injury to your body. We encourage everybody to wear the proper shoes and to exercise daily to strengthen their lower limbs and reduce excess weight. April 6 th is National Walk to Work Day and encourages people to get active and be healthier.

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